22 08, 2018

The Free Press is Worth Saving


After 20 years I had decided to run from a failing industry, vowing never to look back. Two years later I'm not only looking back, I'm running back to help. Just over two years ago, I returned from a vacation in the Netherlands and typed up my resignation notice. While [...]

The Free Press is Worth Saving2018-08-24T14:10:55-04:00
15 05, 2018

Lunch’Ed with Sal Taghleb


Sal Taghleb In my latest installment of Lunch'Ed, I met up with Sal Taghleb to learn about his long-distance journey from IA to Enterprise Agile Coach. Truth be told, I’m terrible at long distance relationships. The last I heard from (Sal) was in
 2008 when he was heading [...]

Lunch’Ed with Sal Taghleb2018-05-15T21:33:50-04:00
19 04, 2018

Lunch’Ed with Mark Dodgson


For this session of Lunch'Ed, I met up with Mark Dodgson to discuss the evolving role of User Experience and the value in using evidence-based design to achieve business goals. Our meeting took place at a restaurant in downtown Hamilton aptly named HAMBRGR.  Their goal is to make the best [...]

Lunch’Ed with Mark Dodgson2018-04-19T13:37:25-04:00
12 03, 2018

Lunch’Ed with Steve Veerman


For my inaugural episode of Lunch'Ed, I sat down to talk with my former Postmedia Digital Innovation teammate, Steve Veerman. Steve chose to eat at Kinkaku Izakaya in Kitchener and selected various tasty dishes for us to share. I love this story, as I find it very inspiring. Not only [...]

Lunch’Ed with Steve Veerman2018-04-19T11:44:37-04:00